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 Q: How long do mink Lashes last?

 A: Depending on how they are cared for, they could last up to 20 wears.

 Q: What is the difference between synthetic and mink lashes?

 A: The main difference is the superior quality. Synthetic lashes can be heavier or uncomfortable to wear and don't look as natural whereas mink lashes are very soft,fluffy and much more comfortable to wear with them being so lightweight.

 Q: Can I also wear mascara?

 A: Just like synthetic lashes, mascara can be applied to help blend the eyelashes or add definition however this is not recommended as adding mascara on top of mink eyelashes can reduce the amount of wear you can get out of them.

 Q: Do they come with lash glue?

 A: Our lashes do not come with glue, however we would recommend using DUO lash glue.

 Q: How long do they take to arrive?

 A: UK orders arrive within 1-2 working days.